Are Flouride Batteries the Future?

I came across this interesting article and video today. This is the first time I have ever heard of 'Fluoride' batteries. 
Obviously, one of the greatest issues facing the future of drones is flight time. 15 minutes just does not cut it. 
Battery technology impacts drones, I think, far more than smart phones. This is simply because drones physically propel themselves in the real world, where as a phone just runs code and lights a screen for the most part. 
From what I understand, 'fluoride' is superior over lithium as a battery material in that lithium can store one free electron per atom as opposed to flour ides ability to store 3. 
I am wondering what is driving battery research.
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  • Kal: If you connect four of these in parallel it should give enough for most copters.

  • Greg, yes looks pretty interesting. Hydrogen might another area to potentially explore when we're looking at far-off stuff.

    I was interested in the more immediate prospect of switching to lithium ion :)
  • Kal, you need to watch the U-tube video. These are just an idea. They haven't even made it out of the lab yet. Years away from production if ever. Six times the energy density is worth more research money. Lots of good batteries have been developed over the years. They just aren't practical. Like molten salt batteries.

    So ya, if they work and some company made them, and you could afford them, they would make great copter or anything batteries.

  • Tommy, do these batteries output enough current for quadcopter engines? Have been interested in switching to Lithium ion.
  • Sorry, should be this link:

  • I'm planning to use Li-Ion batterys from here:

    The weight is about 75% of normal LiPo batterys.

  • Cheap, strong lithium-ion battery developed at USC.!/article/46778/cheap-strong-lithium-ion-battery-developed-at-usc/
  • Great, a battery chemistry potentially even more corrosive and dangerous than lithium.

    Fluorine - Periodic Table of Videos

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