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  • Hi,

    good job you've done

    are you plane to relase the basic code for open source?
    Ive got 3 coridium board who sleep here :)
  • With this setup it weighs about 1Kg ready to fly, so it can have a load of 300-400g.
    However if you use appropriate motor,prop and esc you can have any payload.
    Consider that you can use up to 8 motors in various configurations (y6, X8, octo,esa, etc. )
    GPS is in development plans, before I add the barometer to the height control.
    With this version the complete control loop is executed in about 500 uS----> 2Khz
  • Developer
    Those ARM7 and M3 based boards from Coridium sparked my interest, seem perfect for high refresh IMU calculations using a proper KFE filter.
  • Developer
    Can it carry 500g payload? Very smooth control, Nice hands-off action.. little drift, fast loops work well. No GPS?
  • Hi Jani,
    Main board: ARM 7 32bit LPC2103 a 60Mhz ( Coridium ARMmite PRO )
    Gyro: ITG-3200
    Acc: BMA180
    Esc: PWM at 495Hz (Blackmantis 30A )
    R/C RECEIVER: Jeti 2.4 Ghz , PPM composite signal, 8 Channel
    Motor: KDA 22-20L with APC 10x47 prop
    Motor to center distance: 25cm
    Lipo 3s 3700 mah
  • Developer
    Looks nice and steady. Can you please list your full electronics on it?
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