Around the world with no fuel!

Hi Guy's,

Way off topic but.... How cool is this!

These guys have built a solar plane that has the potential to stay up for ever with no fuel!!

The will attempt to fly it through the night in the next week or so.

Here is a little video from their YouTube channel. Cheers!

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  • Sky-sailor was first but the Solar Impule team is the first with a person onboard. Cheers!
  • T3

    They made it first.. I've been a fan for a long time. Seems like the trick is specialty motors efficient at low power and some monster propellers. Of course it's all about weight, too. Also Li-ion batteries have better energy to weight ratio than Li-Po batteries so you can easily double your flight time just by converting to Li-ion.
    Sky-Sailor: Solar Autonomous Airplane for Mars exploration
  • Awesome, I hope there is some live coverage here in the U.S.
  • Really great plane, hats off to the entire team who made it happen !
  • Admin
    has some tech difficulty and has postponed to next week or so as per todays local news paper .
    It is spectacular project and will be a aviation mile stone once achieved. Wishing Good luck to the team.
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    Off-topic or not, this is spectacular and represents the direction we should all be heading. Good luck to the team!
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