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    I used the 50 cent gumball. Working just great
  • Excellent little gimble. I have been trying to figure out how to make one for my fpv cam. I was considering the plastic bubble that comes out of the 50 cent gumball machines (the jewelry/stickers/toys kind). Was that something you built or something you bought?
  • Great camera you put together, you willing to share how you did it.
  • are you planning to give it an authentic ar-to-di-to paint job? :)
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    I think it would be difficult to make something good and well designed. I have one more Alfa 21 so maybe it could be a good project making it a "pusher".
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    Did you consider mounting the motor/propeller as a pusher like the EZ*?

  • nice cam-mount .... looks beautiful .
  • nice camera mount and pod. well done...
  • awesome=]
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    Looks very nice
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