Ateryx 2.0 - The happy medium

Here is something that might peak some intrest. I plan on selling my autopilot in the near future and would like to see if there is any intrest in my product.The autopilot world is hard to attract the hoby level audience because of the steep price jump in higher performance systems. The cheaper approach is to buy the DIY kits and depend upon the opensource code to carry you along. My product is a happy medium between the two.The foundation of the code that comes free with the purchase of the autopilot is capable of keeping the aircraft stable and holding airspeed and altitude. However, if you want to add more features you simply purchase the appropriate app for the job. For example I expect most people will want to purchase the cheap waypoint and track smoothing app. This may seem like overkill but it allows the user to purchase only the capability required to meet their mission thus keeping the price-point more flexible. Apps are listed belowSD memory card loggingWaypoint navigationAltitude terrain followingCamera triggeringWind estimationMagnetic headingCurrent sensor and loggingAutoLandingAutoTakeoffEtc.Ateryx2.0 = $1,000Apps = $800 - 100Ateryx 2.0 has hundreds of hours of flight tested proof in robustness so you spend less time setting things up and more time flying. Purchase what you want and nothing more. Feel free to contact me if you are intrested.ateryx.autopilot@gmail.comRyan Beall
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  • Hello Ryan, nice work!

    I have one question, what mpu are you using?
  • Hi Ryan,

    I can give you my airplane simulation Simulink model. It is based on the Simulink 6DoF equations of motion integration subsystem. The airplane (the forces and moments) is modeled by its aerodynamic coefficients and coefficient derivatives. These coefficients are extracted from Mark Drela's AVL program.
    I have modeled my CG Super Chipmunk and my Scorpio Super Miss (same as Icebear's). The coefficients are dependant upon the AoA. If you want another airplane you will have to extract its coefficients with AVL.
    I have programmed a simple longitudinal and vertical AP in order to have the airplane fly around.
    I can help you get along, especially concerning the AVL program.
    If you are interested, I will send you the model this saturday (because I work in Paris during the week).
    Which version of Matlab do you have ?

  • Developer
    PNI micromag three. Not any that can be calibrated out.

    Paul, is there any matlab/simulink scripts/models you can generically give me for aircraft simulation to test attitude filters etc. I have been working on one with Tim Trueman that uses Xplane and it is coming together but I'm super fast in matlab and would probably be the most versatile.

  • Hi Ryan,

    What kind of magnetometers do you use, and have you got any interference issues?

  • T3
  • Developer
    @Zoltan : The autopilot uses a laser range finder and always keeps the aircraft at a commanded "above ground level" altitude

    @ Condor: You can log any of the autopilot variables at varying precision and rep rates. (56Hz max)

    @Jordi : To keep software from freely floating on the internet I encrypt the Apps which are also hardware dependant. Thus each app I send out only works with one board. However that being said, I'm up for bundle purchases being discounted

    @All: I attached a preliminary user guideAteryx2.0manual.docx
  • Developer
    Sorry i mean install one APP in two separated boards. That would be nice if i have two or three aircrafts.
  • T3
    Interesting approach! Do you have any documentation ready to share specifically regarding what data you will be able to log?
  • Looks interesting....Without giving too much away, how does the system do terrain following ?
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