Good afternoon.
I would like to show you a project we are working on.
We've started it a half and a year ago.
We just want to share a video shoot of us with it in our ski trip.
We needed a compact and fast drone which could work at a high altitude in low temperatures. Fully automatic, for easy and convenient use.
We built the first model and successfully tested it.
It works fine at 3600 meters altitude and temperature of minus 17 C degrees.
 It is the most stylish and beautiful. We have rich experience in carbon construction, and therefore we have created everything from composite materials .
Now we are developing a version 2.  It will have maximized streamline. We develop software that will make use of it as simple as possible.
We are looking for money right now to complete the development of the second version. And we want to go to Kickstarter or indiegogo.
It would be great if someone could help to advance the project.
Here are our links. Following them you may watch the creation process and construction of the first version.
We will publish the release date soon.

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  • This was our first flight. Where have poorly configured PIDs of gimbal and not correct balancing of the camera. Later we fixed all the problems.

  • We have a big experience with carbon, because this it was the fastest and most cost-effective solution. On sale will be available two types of bags, one made from plastic and one from carbon fiber.

  • Nice video but I noticed twitching in the yaw axis.  Is that due to the copter or the gimbal system?

  • Carbon fibre is expensive. Why would you waste money on a bag???

  • Thank you !We keeping in the secret the photos of the body until the release date. But I can show you his carbon bag.3701982356?profile=original


  • Developer

    Best of luck.  No pictures of the body of the vehicle so far it seems.

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