AttoPilot International End of year sale

Hello to all and Happy Holidays!


We wanted to express our thank you to all those who made this year AttoPilots most successful yet. Because of this we wanted to offer high percentage discounts on multiple products we offer.  




Reality is we are trying to get a DIY based group interested in purchasing AttoPilot IMU systems and utilizing the extensive command set available to interface with AttoPilot. The abilities are limitless with a little imagination and some micro processor education, code writing and computer programing. We have had 4 Master degrees achieved from individuals using AttoPilot for the core part of their thesis testing. 3 GCS programs have now been produced based off the extensive command set as well.


We have priced the IMU system as low as possible to break just over even. The extensive calibration procedure with 72hrs of torture testing with temperatures ranging from -30C to +90C. The IMU also accepts airspeed inputs along with being "G" force corrected. Combine this with an incredibly low drift and a hermetically sealed sensor packet and you get one of the highest accuracy 6DOF IMU systems available at a achievable price point.


Included in this special are two of our foam sUAS complete system. These aircraft are capable of completing missions for possible SAR or work missions as well as serve for great development packages for high schools, tech schools, Universities and hobbies. All our aircraft come completely flight tuned and ready to fly upon arrival. Included in the package is complete ground control station with small tracking antenna system, live or still video system, laptop, charger and transportation box.


Please feel free to contact us anytime at or you may contact me directly at


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  • Oops sorry i kinda jumped the gun on that comment.

  • Moderator

    Say that mini Devil Ray sure looks like a stryker cut in half with a big trunk in the middle...  Like it!

  • Thank you very much for the kind words Chris!


    Happy Holidays!


    Chris M.

  • 3D Robotics

    Just chiming in here, the AttoPilot team is top notch and the customer support they offer is extraordinary. If what you need is rock-solid reliability and can afford to pay for it, this is a great choice. Chris and Dean got their start in the DIY world, so they're very approachable and flexible to customer needs. 

    Plus, on a personal note, almost everything I know about autopilot algorithms I learned from Dean's generous teaching and sharing of information online in the early days of AttoPilot. Newcomers should know that he's given a great deal to the DIY community, which we all benefit from today.

  • Oh boy here we go again.


    To some you are absolutely correct. BUT we are not structured for the hobby or DIY market so on a commercial standpoint we are very low cost or better put "reasonably cost"

  • Wow thats pricey

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