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AttoPilot now on sale!

Great new. Dean Goedde is now accepting orders for AttoPilot. $800: Main features: 50Hz Attitude control (pitch and roll) with elevon and V-tail mixing Automatic gain scheduling based on airspeed Pitot airspeed sensing and control 100 3D waypoints with airspeed targets and 6 scripting parameters Line hold navigaton to mere meters accuracy Included GCS with ability to playback LOG.txt recorded to removable SD media onboard the UAV Integrated power sensing to 90A and 50V User-defined mAh abort limit failsafe for forced RTL Unlimited onboard logging of 65+ parameters to micro SD media at 5Hz Options to trigger photos at ground distance intervals or time intervals Optional motor spin-down to idle before photos are triggered Special NEW and universal RC failsafe system 100% compatibility with all R/C systems that "speak" to servos with 1-2ms logic pulses either 3V or 5V logic (no level shifters) Wide voltage input range 4.2 to 13.2V, only 100mA including GPS 5Hz GPS with WAAS support Here's the price list for it and all the related items:

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    The IMU version is not far behind Giles!
  • I am a 4th year mechanical engineer at NWU. I'm working on my final year project. The project mainly consists of building an airframe for an RC plane and the buying and integrating an autopilot system and an auto take off and landing control system. Can someone please help with sugestion for these systems. I have to stay within a buget of $1500 excluding the airframe. I am strongly considering the attopilot. But i have a few questions about the attopilot. Will it be able to integrate with an auto take off and landing system? How exactly does the switch over from auto to manual control work?
  • Someone should work out the Thermopile sensor --> AttoPilot comms (one wire notice) so people could use it with other things...
  • on site construction.....that kinda takes the D.I.Y. out of D.I.Y. Drones........
  • Very Cool Stuff, I have to save money ASAP to buy.....Orz
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    Please post some information regarding the ground station software! Looks good!
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    Actually Bill Premerlani's UAV devboard (see tab above) is an IMU-based autopilot and is just $299. Prices are coming down fast.
  • An excellent job developing and bringing such a complex and capable product to market!

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    "for 800$ they could added an IMU at least..."
    ... and one kilo bananas.
    Sorry to hear that the crisis has hit so hard.
    Cheapest IMU-based autopilot so far: unav3500 around 3KUSD and this is for a reason.
    Try doing research to make your own and welcome again on the forum in 1 year or later:-)
  • for 800$ they could added an IMU at least...
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