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AttoPilot RTL version available

I'm not sure how long this has been out, but I just noticed it. AttoPilot has a RTL version available that is not export controlled. The website says the site is under construction and the product listing still has a lot of typos, so this may just be a preview. (It's not listed on the order form, so I'm not sure how much it costs or how to buy it). It appears to be a stripped down AttoPilot 1.9 with the mini-SD card reader glued on top of the airspeed sensor, but there may be some other changes. For comparison, the regular AttoPilot board is shown below:

Dean Goedde has done a great job with the AttoPilot line, so it's very good news that a RTL version is now part of it. You should expect rock-solid performance and a relatively easy setup procedure. Now just waiting to hear about pricing....(I've pinged Dean to ask)

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    Oh and of course the benefit of stabilized flight in normal RC mode
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    Yes thats right Chris its electrically identical, it has to be returned to the USA to receive the upgrade though. Another ITAR naff. In the meanwhile you have a thermopile autopilot able to fly lawnmower patterns and hold speed and height better than before. You can also trigger photos at distance intervals, you'll need to fiddle with that to get the right distance for your own camera for correct ovelap.

    Not sure when the new GCS is hitting the streets but it soon, there will be a free version and pro. Chris Mc Nair is keeping Dean in a dark room and working him relentlessly now. Oh maybe I should'nt have said that!

    I believe the new GCS will incorporate click and go, loiter and a degree of communications between vehicles. Not sure of the difference between the two price points yet.

    As a point of interest we have sold 20+ Manta wings now some Atto equipped some not, there are Atto equipped ones in the USA, Australia, UK and South Africa.
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    Gary, thanks for the pdf. The RTL unit is the same price as Atto1.9 ($800), so I assume what you mean is that when your ITAR approval come in, it becomes an Atto1.9 unit, yes?
  • Thanks Alex!

    ...and I added it to wikipedia so the next person doesn't have to ask... :)
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    RTL stands for return to launch, i prefer to use RTH which is return to home, but basically what it will do is fly the aircraft back to the position you specified to be the home/launch location
  • Um... what is RTL? Looked at wikipedia and none of the meanings they had for the acronym seemed correct - Attopilot "Ride the lightning"??

    The linked pdf doesn't say either.
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    There are actually some major changes in the way the Atto flys, its much more PAT APT, also the RTL now comes back in a lawnmower pattern, rather than a straight line. Perfect if you want to make a vertical stitch. Once your ITAR approval comes through the unit can be unlocked in the USA.
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    @Alex: the first and second.
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    Why isnt ardupilot export controlled , particularly ardupilot mega with the new oil pan shield, since it can basically do all that atto can, if not more?
    Is it something to with the fact that each item is sold individually?
    Or the fact that you dont include the autopilot firmware?
    Or the fact that it uses gyro/accel/processors that are not high enough specs to be export controlled?
  • There are so many changes its too much to put into this post. We will be updating all information with regulations very very soon. Please be patient we are getting very close. We are also working on bringing lower cost products to the market in the near future.

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