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Another one from Sparkfun, which is quickly becoming a serious UAV parts supplier: the power monitoring sensor board that Dean Goedde uses for AttoPilot. If you want to add motor current and battery voltage measurement to your autopilot, this is a good way to do it. Analog output, so you'd want to add it to a port with an ADC (ArduPilot has six free ones so it would work well with that). Oddly expensive at $26, given what's on the board, but perhaps that reflects the low production run. Woohoo! Now $12.95! (and half sold out immediately). Go Dean!
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  • Anybody knows how to use this thing with arduino to measure current and voltage. How do i convert the 12 bit to 10 bit arduino. From the datasheet, for 12 bit adc with 3.3 volt the resolution is =
    63.69mV / Volt
    36.60mV / Amp

    will i get the same value for 3.3 arduino.

    is this correct voltage = analogread(volt)* 63.69.
  • Great, thanks for pointing that out. I didn't know you could get a micro-controller setup so cheap.
  • @Casey,
    Arduino is probably the cheapest multichannel USB or Serial ADC. ' Available everywhere...
  • Do you think something like this would work: http://store.gravitech.us/i2c128anco.html

    I can't really find a "cheap" mutli-channel USB or serial ADC. I've been search all day.
    I2C 12-Bit, 8-CH Analog-to-Digital Converter
    The I2C-ADC board is an I2C 12-bit, 8-CH Analog-to-Digital Converter module. The module can be configured as a Single-Ended Inputs Mode or Differenti…
  • 3D Robotics
    Casey, this is an analog device. You have to connect it to an ADC (either in the microprocessor or standalone) to read it.
  • Can anyone point me how I could connect this to a PC data interface? Preferably USB or serial, but also I2C or GPIO might work.
  • I have sold and shipped several (8) to Australia. I just need answers to a list of questions to start processing an export application, and the fee for that. There have been some problems with the webmail to the AttoPilot site (which is being corrected by moving to a new hosting service), so it would be better to e-mail a formal request to me at personal e-mail dmgoedde@gmail.com.
  • Dean,

    I am still trying to find out when atto will be available in Australia.
  • Yes. Have you looked at the spec sheet on the sparkfun site?
  • Do the leads connect to the battery and ESC?
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