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  • Hi guys,
    I have to inform you that the AUAV-X1 will be delayed by a few weeks. So sorry for that.
    The problem is that the L3GD20H gyros and the USB EMI/ESD devices NUF2042 have
    been lost in the mail.
    Please accept my and Phil's apologies
    Best regards

  • Hi Cronsellar,

    The same as of the PIXHAWK with ST sensor set. For the newer sensors ( MPU9250 and MAX21100 ) we need some time to write the appropriate drivers for.

  • Same question as Graham. What is the current state of compatibility with mission planner?

  • Nick, that looks awesome. I am looking forward to a nice light and small PX4 update.

  • Beautiful. 

  • Graham, that is exactly what we are aiming for. The only caveat would be for the non-standard IMU configurations, those will take time to create drivers to work properly.

  • Moderator

    Nick, could you please clarify a perhaps completely obvious (and hopefully not too stoopid) last question, I assume your board will connect directly to Mission Planner (1.x or 2.x) with the microUSB (HATE micro BTW!) or telemetry and be able have ArduCopter 3+ or ArduPlane 2+ uploaded to it exactly like a Pixhawk, connect GPS and compass and then go off and fly?

  • Hi Wojciech,

    After being populated with SMD components, flashed with code and tested, they will be ready for sale. The first will be backorders.


  • Are those first batch prototype boards still available for sale?

  • Excellent Nick, eager to see the test results of the pilot production.

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