AUAV-X1 , a new vision of the PX4 autopilot


Arsov RC Technology is proud to introduce a new vision of the PX4 v2 Autopilot board. The Arsov AUAV X1 is another elegant design from Phillip Kocmoud and Nick Arsov. Our goal was to product a high quality, compact, lightweight and cost effective alternative to the PX4 V2 or PixHawk autopilots. This is our first attempt to join the PX4 community after developing several successful designs for the MatrixPilot community. After we have finalized the design we will release the design files and schematics. The schematics will be released immediately to new owners. Initial supplies are limited and a deposit insures a boards in the first production run.

Early March , 2014

MEAS MS5611-01BA03 barometer

Memory - 8Mb SPI Flash. Could be expanded on demand up to 1Gb.

microIMU – choose one of the following 5 IMU offerings:
-ST Micro L3GD20H + LSM303D
-ST Micro L3GD20H + LSM303D + MPU6500
-Invensense MPU 6500
-Invensense MPU9250
-Maxim MAX21100
-Connector only for remotely mounted IMU

New power supply based on TPS63061 DC-DC Buck-Boost
The TPS63061 device provides a power supply solution for products powered by either three-cell up to six-cell alkaline, NiCd or NiMH battery, or a one-cell or dual-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery. Output currents can go as high as 2A while using a dual-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer Battery, and discharge it down to 5V or lower. So you can connect a 2 cell Li-Po directly to the AUAV X1, and run it completely flat before brownout. Since it's a buck-boost converter, you can also power from a 5V BEC while still in regulation. Additional info about this Buck-Boost regulator could be found here -

4 x UARTs - 3 of them have Vcc, Tx, Rx, GND and one has a full set - Vcc, Tx, Rx, RTS, CTS, GND
1 x CAN with MAX3051
1 x I2C
1 x SPI
2 x ADC + 2 x ADC for current and voltage sensing
8 x PWM Receiver Inputs
8 x PWM Servo Outputs
2 x JTAG connection specifically for the TC2030-CTX-NL 6-Pin cable
micro SD card holder
micro USB connector
All inputs and outputs are ESD and EMI protected

30mm x 43mm

For additional information and availability, please visit our websites for US or for EU.

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  • Is the stacking of the MPU series with the ST the only issue that's left?  If so,  as long as the ST set works on boot I could care less for the MPU.  It would be nice to have a 9250 for backup, but that delays getting an otherwise functional board then lets ditch.  

  • Nick, I will op for just the ST set on mine if that helps.  I totally understand.   

  • Hi Wojciech,

    It's difficult to stack them....too small. The stacking is possible, but then difficult to solder to mainboard.

  • What exactly is the issue with the stacked microIMU?

  • Hi guys,
    I am writing this post asking for understanding and apology.

    We have to delay the AUAV-X1 project again because the stacking of a such miniature boards as IMUs is almost impossible.
    For the moment we could offer 3 IMU versions - ST set ( L3GD20H + LSM303D ) or MPU6000 or MPU9250.
    As the MPU9250 IMU uses the same pinouts as of the ST set, the code needs some mods.
    Redesigning and manufacturing a new microIMU combo ( ST set + MPU6000/MPU6500 ) will take some time.

    If some of you prefer refunding their preorders, it's o.k. We could also either compensate the preorders for stacked IMU with ACSP1 or by refunding the MPU6000 addon.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    Best regards

  • Hello Nick

    We ordered two! order number 100000050.

    this is a pre order with Stacked ST Micro L3GD20H + LSM303D / Invensense MPU6000 

    Hope this will work with MP?

  • Hi Rainer,

    Yes, all tests we perform at the moment are with the PIXHAWK firmware and QGC.

  • Hello Nick

    I can load the Pixhawk software with the MP on the board?

  • I  just bought the ecksfibre 230mm for testing the AUAV-X1 with 3.2 RC1. It should be an ideal test platform.

  • Thats good news. Looking forward to it.

This reply was deleted.