Hi guys,

Have some pictures of the AUAV-X1 board with connectors - top side and bottom side. Also some scopes applied - input voltage from 4V to 8VDC and different loads - 0.5A and 1A.



Some picture explanations - from top to bottom:





The temperatures are respectively - 34.5 deg C of the TPS63061, 31 deg C of the Schottky diode, 28 deg C of the inductor. They remain stable within an hour measurements. The output voltage is perfect stable - 5.05VDC. The LDO output voltages are between 3.305 and 3.312VDC respectively.

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  • Hi Nick ,
         First of all, thank you to give us such a great product. I am very optimistic AUAV-X1, small size and perfect PCB layout.
         IMU stack Can I offer accessories like picture with an FPC as to achieve? Such benefits can also be independent of the IMU as a shock.
    Best regards



  • Hi guys,
    I am writing this post asking for understanding and apology.

    We have to delay the AUAV-X1 project again because the stacking of a such miniature boards as IMUs is almost impossible.
    For the moment we could offer 3 IMU versions - ST set ( L3GD20H + LSM303D ) or MPU6000 or MPU9250.
    As the MPU9250 IMU uses the same pinouts as of the ST set, the code needs some mods.
    Redesigning and manufacturing a new microIMU combo ( ST set + MPU6000/MPU6500 ) will take some time.

    If some of you prefer refunding their preorders, it's o.k. We could also either compensate the preorders for stacked IMU with ACSP1 or by refunding the MPU6000 addon.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding.
    Best regards

  • The second one seems perfect but both do look very good. Can't wait for your board to have some working code... Will be awesome for gliders!

  • i wish it will be ready available with arducopter code inside rapidly :)

    you board seem to be very good 

  • ....or this...


  • What about this?


  • Hi Cronselaar,

    I'll highly appreciate your help with color choice. I'll change them to be most comfortable to the users.

    Please advice.

  • Hi. On the front view. Avoid using red(+5V) on pink background ( use other background colour). On back view check (+3V SF). PCB view is good...

  • thanks nick!

  • Felix, I wish they were ready to go. That is still a pre-order. The boards are flying here now, but the IMUs still need to be sent to a US surface mount vendor in order to be finished. So close, we appreciate everyone's patience.

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