AUAV-X1 test results. Guys, are you ready to fly?


Hi guys,

Most of the AUAV-X1 tests passed just fine. The tests were so many, therefore I represent the most important ones.

For the moment the W25Q80 NAND Flash driver is not yet tested, that's why we use FM25V02 FRAM on board instead.


For the moment AUAV-X1 works with either ST IMU set ( L3GD20H + LSM303D ) or Invensense IMU ( MPU6000 ) + external magnetometer HMC5883L. Real flight tests ahead.

What I can say after all tests done:

1. AUAV-X1 is fully functional as expected with either ST IMU or Invensense IMU;

2. AUAV-X1 is compatible with PIXHAWK firmware and works just fine with QGC;

3. The microIMU board must be redesigned to have ST + Invensense combo onboard. Stacking ST IMU and MPU6000 IMU impossible;

4. A case has been designed and some vibration tests have to be performed;

5. Real flight tests ahead when the rain stops. The Balkans are floaded;

6. W25Q80 NAND Flash driver has to be tested.

We started fulfilling the preorders with ST IMU.

Many thanks to Lorenz for his support during all the tests.

Thank you Lorenz!

Best regards


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  • Hi Hugues,

    The EU store is

    Best regards


  • MR60

    Oh, another question : URL please to pre order ?

  • MR60

    Hi Nick,

    Congrats, this looks very good. I'm also waiting for your new full chip design and I will buy some (I can never get enough flight controllers because my UAVs are multiplying and it keeps growing, OMG)

  • so it s very good news!!!!!!

    i am scared that you great board doesn t support dual sensor but if you are going to create a new flexible board for it,all is good

  • Yes Titeuf007,

    For the moment we are offering a version with ST set ( L3GD20H + LSM303D ), another version with MPU6000 and the third version is with MPU9250 ( drivers for not written yet ). Btw, I started the design for a new flexible board which will hold the full set of chips ( L3GD20H + LSM303D + MPU6500/9250 ). It will be placed over the FMU MCU on a vibration absorbing material, thus offering much more benefits.

  • thanks nick for you great job you have done!

    if i understand you have not dual sensor like pixhawk?(L3GD20H + LSM303D but not mpu6000 with it?)

  • Hi ABL,

    We started fulfilling the first preorders.

    Best regards


  • Still not for sale? :P

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