AUAV-X2 ( the revised version of X1 ) is alive

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The new revision - AUAV-X2 is ready. I performed all tests today - flashing bootloaders, flashing firmware, configuration, sensors test, receiver test, airspeed sensor test, servo tests, power tests, log tests, temperature tests, etc. It seems the "IRON" AUAV-X2 performs just fine. More pictures will follow.....

Nest week I'll fulfill all current preorders.

Best regards


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    External LED and compass on the same I2C1 port (ie in parallel)?

  • Alright thanks, I'll do some testing regarding minimum pwm's. 

  • Yes, I find people want the motors to spin slowly while armed and at lower throttle levels. With my quads at idle the motors spin quite fast. Not enough to take off, but there is no doubt they are moving air.

  • This can be testing by putting the drone in stabilize and see how much you can move the throttle before the motors spool up?   

  • Yeah, I ruled out ESC calibration, as that's what I thought the problem was at the start, but one the second crash "which was the quad" It was a freshy, just built and calibrated correctly. On that point using arducopter and mission planner for setup there is no ESC calibration tool, so I do it the standard way of hooking them all up to a common rail and calibrating them all at once so they are all equal, but if the controller's 0 is different from the esc's 0 that could cause problems.

  • If your ESC are not calibrated properly, the effect could be the same.

  • That would make sense, The controller asking for "some" thrust" out of a motor but instead it gets nothing, inducing an over-correct regardless of PID's. Thanks I'll look into it.

  • It sounds like your minimum PWM values are too low.  When you drop the throttle, the props are not spinning fast enough to stabilize the aircraft. I do not know the parameter name in ArduCopter, but that is where I would check.

  • Can you give me an answer for the effects of high frequency vibrations getting to this controller? I have 5 drones operational with the x2 using arducopter v3.3 and they work great. But I have had two crashes during testing, one being a quad and the other an x8 and both crashes are related to similar circumstances. Doing punch outs unloaded in stabilize or althold to fine tune the CG, during this testing its expected to roll, pitch, or yaw while climbing, and therefor tune out "airframe" instability. These crashes were at the top of the climb (on throttling back) when the multirotor just flipped out, exceeding its imposed angle limits and tumbling out of the air. 

    If someone has had a similar problem or might have a fix, let me know. I have removed variables like: Motors/ESC's, Props, Frames, happened on two separate boards, firmware, and Battery discharge rate. So I'm left with vibration effects on the x2 or hardware fault maybe? but being its happened on two separate drones (and controllers) leaves me puzzled.

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    My X2 finally arrived today, thanks in no small part to our useless postal system. Not quite a drop in to replace my X1 as some of the pins have changed position and orientation but that's a relatively minor problem.

    Set the whole thing up on my tricopter and it all works fine, smooth and stable. The old X1 is going to do duty in a plane as there's basically nothing wrong with it and it can use all the extra features that APM can no longer use like EKF etc.

    Thanks guys!

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