Aurora's Lightning Strike Prototype can hover


I still don't like the design but i guess I am warming up to it.  I think some benefits are that distributing lift over the span of the wing helps structurally, fast moving air over the top of the wing prevents stalling during transition and increases lift during flight and the canard setup is good for cg during hover if you have your thrust mounted to your wings...

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  • When I saw the picture I instantly got that into mind:

    Regarding the really futuristic looks of it I just want to say: Also this design will have to subdue to basic aerodynamics and physics.

    A law of propeller design is: Regarding efficiency, you should duct the propeller only if the diameter is to small and there are reasons you can not increase it. Otherwise you will lose efficiency by the drag of the duct itself.

    But it is interesting to watch this thing anyhow. Keep it up!

  • Hrm, seems like Launchpoint is involved with Joby Aviation and the NASA LEAPtech/SCEPTER program.

    An equivalent to a mini LightningStrike might end up being the unmanned equivalent to Joby Aviation's S2 VTOL design then? Though the full size LightningStrike has a gas turbine that could provide a fair amount of thrust itself.

    Joby Aviation S2

    LaunchPoint Designs Hybrid Propulsion System for VTOL Aircraft
    A distributed hybrid propulsion system can yield a fourfold increase in range for VTOL aircraft.
  • I don't think this particular 20% subscale model is series hybrid though (or even using synchronous AC motors).

    If someone wanted to emulate LightningStrike at the hobby scale though, the genset/motor pairing will be critical. Launchpoint used to tout very high power density halbach array based motor/generators, but sadly they don't seem to sell them commercially (and they seem to be DC). Which would allow an all DC setup...

    Launchpoint "Propulsion-by-Wire"

    Dual Halbach array air core motor

    Propulsion-By-Wire Technology
    LaunchPoint Technologies is developing a suite of technologies to enable safe, reliable, and airworthy electric and hybrid-electric flight.
  • Electric Ducted Fans.  Converting Power Into Noise, since 1982.


    Actually, the syncronous drive is really interesting if it means what I think it does.  No rectifier/inverter stage. 

  • Any idea how this fat wing with EDF works? NASA with their concept switches off and collapses all internal propellers and cruises just on the 2 external one ...

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