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Autopilot brownies

The reflow oven went haywire at DIY Drones HQ, and these melted ArduPilot Megas are the result. That's one batch of beta testers who are just going to have to wait a bit longer for their gear :-(
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  • More than a year late, but...FYI...If you are using the max6675 as the temp sensor with K thermocouple...then bit 2 in the serial bitstream tells you if the thermocouple is valid/connected or not. A good bit to test and shutdown if it's HIGH.


    Also: Do you know your PID coefficients by chance? I've made my own oven and tuning it now.

  • Can I get mine w/cheese plz?
  • You learned the hard way about single point failure. I know a lot about high temp lab furnaces.
    Iv'e been fixin/buildin em for ~ 18 years. You need to have an independent overtemp/alarm back to the dual temp sensors. Temperature is like Velocity it can be .... you know the rest ..
  • I think Jordi way overclocked the CPU
  • I used to work at a place that built government issued laptops, ie military and such. Since these things were huge metal tanks and needed to be tested for the worst eliments, one of the tests they would do was an oven test. They would crank the heat up (I dont know to what temp but I would guess 200 plus) and if everything worked after the test then it got packaged if it didnt work....well there was a dumpster for those parts that couldnt be reused. Id say a mishap like this could yield some valuable and perhaps useful information.
  • Admin
    First comes a Green board , then a Red , this is the Brown series :) . This wasn't accident . it was deliberately tested for very high altitude, high temp environment for rover UAV to be sent as piggyback payload to martian rover project. So don't be fooled guys :)))
  • Developer
    Jordi, you could add a few temp probes and set hi/low alarms, each probe to be monitored during bake cycle, place them in different places and record normal cycle temps then set up alarms based on test log. They could also keep your exhaust fans going. Those got to stink...
  • Hey Chris, I am just in........
    You can,t take all the brownies man !
  • Developer
    I don't know. I just drop them away. Also their unusable because the black thing is very difficult to remove.
  • the 1280's look recyclable or are they baked?
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