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Autopilot brownies

The reflow oven went haywire at DIY Drones HQ, and these melted ArduPilot Megas are the result. That's one batch of beta testers who are just going to have to wait a bit longer for their gear :-(
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  • Developer
    Ok, i found out the problem, the TEMP sensor i dead. Second version will have two temp sensors for redundancy. ;-)
  • Hay Chris, you smell something burning ?????????
  • i like to dabble in organic computing too
  • Developer
    One of these brownies could be a prize for best crash.... and burn.....
  • I prefer black PCB's they usually follow this rule of thumb.

    Red ones go faster, black ones are more reliable and beige ones are beige.
  • ArduSteak.
  • Mmmmmmm crispy.
  • Call it art?
  • So is that the PCB or the components leaking? It could be a pretty effect...Not suitable for use tho
  • Same thing happened to my graphic card, when i want to revive it in the hoven :(
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