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Mechanical engineer, for work and for fun. I cant shake it!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Hobbyist. But I'm a 3-time dad now, sooo more like a spectator/dreamer.



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corey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New companion site for DIYDrones -- DIYRobocars
"What will be the application(s) of surface drones that drives the community? What will a sub human-scale robotic car do that aerial robotics cant do better?"
Jan 16, 2017
corey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Warning from the LAPD--do not use UAVs commercially!
"So if a tethered blimp is a legal platform for commercial aerial photography, would a tethered quad be legal as well?"
Jan 27, 2012
corey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Perching UAV sticks to walls
"1:27 hahaha if you turn up the volume, i think you can hear him cry a faint "this is sparta!" just before he hucks it into the wall"
Apr 26, 2010
corey commented on Dr Stephen Prior's blog post Heineken Robot - Developed at the ASL, Middlesex University.
"george lucas had it all wrong with R2D2"
Feb 14, 2010
corey commented on Mike W's blog post Under Wing Pan/Tilt
"has anyone considered using a pair of continuous rotation servos? i think it would be a preferable camera control method when the aircraft is under autopilot control and you don't need that quick…"
Feb 2, 2010
corey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Autopilot brownies
"i like to dabble in organic computing too"
Jan 19, 2010
corey commented on Tim Trueman's blog post Video: UAV in a Firefight of a Different Kind
"you're adding to the "he said she said" by laying claim to work for a company that operates BLOS without providing any evidence yourself. i know, i know, you can't talk about it. then why are you?"
Aug 30, 2009
corey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Robotic Glider Set To Break Autonomous Flight Records

The link from his website that references the airframe."
Jul 12, 2009
corey commented on Paul Konz (Needing R&D Partner)'s blog post Looking for Help!
"I think you would be better off hiring a paramotor pilot."
Jul 11, 2009
corey commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Americas new Air Force 60 minutes
"it's been said that the f35 will be the last manned fighter"
May 12, 2009
corey commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post How to hack the PPM signal from any receiver (Futaba) with Arduino
"i'm building a mikrokopter, but because we can't use the suggested 35mhz receiver in the us, i need to look at 72/75mhz or 2.4 Ghz options. this is a little difficult, however, because i need access to the "sumsignal" or PPM. would an arduino…"
Mar 10, 2009
corey commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPilot home page
"i had issues with the link before, but it seems to be fixed now. thanks chris"
Jan 25, 2009
corey commented on Jack Crossfire's photo
"so how does it handle compared to a quad?"
Jan 23, 2009
corey left a comment for Curt Olson
"its too bad about the receiver. i work for tsa and can tell you that it's not likely that someone deliberately took it, but there may be a chance they had to search your property and they mistakenly didn't replace it. was there an inspection notice…"
Jan 22, 2009
corey commented on Michal B's blog post Alternative connection of GPS to ArduPilot
"cool. definately going to be one of the things i do with my setup. i just don't like the idea of plugging/unplugging small connections as it increases the chance of breaking something. a conveniently placed inline switch seems more practical for an…"
Jan 22, 2009
corey left a comment for Curt Olson
"how did the ocean demos go?"
Jan 22, 2009