Alternative connection of GPS to ArduPilot

If you don't like too short connection cable of GPS to ArduPilot, then here's a fix. Longer cable and better connector will solve 2 problems:- more flexible assembly into a plane- easier program upload to board (since GPS cable must be disconnected before uploading)Original connection:

We don't need to use original GPS connector on ArduPilot, and can connect directly to one data pin and Ground/VCC. So we need just 3 wires, and ideal choice is standard servo cable.I used Servo extension cable, cut it close to female connector, and soldered it to the board as shown here:

and detail:

Then cut original small GPS cable to half, and solder it with servo extension cable male part:

Properly isolate wires:

And you're done:

Tested, it works.
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  • cool. definately going to be one of the things i do with my setup. i just don't like the idea of plugging/unplugging small connections as it increases the chance of breaking something. a conveniently placed inline switch seems more practical for an assembled uav.
  • Certainly. Either on signal cable (orange on photos) or VCC (red).
  • would it be possible to wire an on/off switch into the cable between the gps and ardupilot?
  • like i postet earlier. i am using a std. diecimila module.
    that might be more robust....
  • 3D Robotics
    Hmm. You're using the ArduPilot board? Did you bridge the diode D2 to bring it up to 5v? If so, maybe that explains why it's working. I'll try it too...
  • yes, the same module.
    but the led seems to be bright.

    was his power source ok?? i am using the usb-power for programming. i also tried a 3s lipo battery, no change.
  • 3D Robotics
    @HugePanic: When Michael tried it he just got a dim LED on the EM406. Are you using that module?
  • it's 42-46mA, so according to the spec...
  • according to the spec the em-406 uses 44mA.
    arduino diecimila delivers 40mA.

    i am pretty shure not to fry the atmel.... the gps module ran for several hours on that pin.
    its running stable, no complaints.......

    i checked this once i soldered the connection.
    maybe i could use two data pins in parallel to share the load?? this would be quite easy to reduce any risk...
    do you think i diode is necessary ????
  • 3D Robotics
    @HugePanic. The ArduPilot boards do have that reset button, but in our experience it is impossible to power a GPS module off a data pin. Those pins are for voltage, not current, and a GPS module draws upward of 250ma. We were told that it would eventually fry the Atmega if you tried to draw current off a data pin. Is that not your experience?
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