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Alan and Sam, from 3DR, cool and confident in the Colorado sun.


Dave C. this years aerial challenge winner, cracking good times and smoking hot motors.


Justin and Joe, of 3DR, doing work.

APM swept the top five spots in aerial, and took first place in two of the rover categories: Tom Coyle in the middle-weight category and Jason Short in the exotic category with his APM Segway two-wheeler.

There is a ton of pictures and video to go through and edit, but I'll start posting things here as soon as they are ready. 

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  • 3D Robotics

    Like sam said we were running 3.0rc5 hard mounted and bent shafts.

  • 3D Robotics

    @Randy, ours was at about 17m/s and not stopping for the ball drop.

  • Developer


    Robert and his Heli collection.

    OK, the big one isn't his...

  • We were running 3.0.0rc5. Team Special Delivery were running 2.9.1. We increased our speed slightly on each run, but our vehicle maxes out at about 16 or 17 m/s.

  • Developer

    My last run was set for 16m/s which turned out to be a higher current draw than my battery could handle, hence the sag near the water. once I leveled out I get my battery back and did a quick flip for the crowd. Just glad the flip code worked!


  • Developer
  • Developer

    Was Sam/Alan's quad running 2.9.1???


  • Thanks guys, but I'm barely responsible for any of this.
  • Moderator

    Excellent work on the footage Josh. 

  • Admin

    Wow, better then  live stream ( which was little boring looking at rovers btw). Thanks Joshua for all the aerial video and pictures. Awaiting for more :)

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