Bad news for 2.4GHz


It looks like AT&T is looking to use 2.3GHz bands reserved for Sirius radio.  Those in the WiFi space know that Terrestrial repeaters of Sirius radio signals are a major source of outdoor interference - but those repeaters only existed in dense cities.  Now with that spectrum moving to 4G Basestations we will see much more interference in on open areas (like those we like to fly in). This will likely raise the noise floor and reduce the range and reliability of communications in 2.4 GHz.  72 MHz anyone? 

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  • @ Grips

    Yeah, that's true too!  There's another HAM in my neighborhood that lets me know when his club is doing Signal Hunts so I'll know not to fly then... lol.

  • Moderator

    I'm sure there are other HAM's on here. The other issue at stake is that our Tx's for FPV cause interference, resulting in issues if they narrow you down to be the one causing said interference.

  • I can't say I'd care too much if it ruined 2.4ghz control... but if it wreaks havoc with my (future) Lawmate 2.4 video that'd piss me off!

  • T3

    You can tell the mast is pure evil just by looking at it! BTW has anyone did range testing of various 2.4GHz systems vs altitude? I guess those antennas have horizontal radiation pattern. With some assumptions one could fly high and gain extra... ok not in States as it is only 400ft... You are doomed. Good luck.

  • Reclaim the Spectrum!

    Reclaim the Spectrum
  • To respond to two comments:

    Mr Coyle: The FCC spectral mask will probably require a 30-50db attenuation off a 30-36dB EIRP (effective TX Power), we are using receivers that operate at -90 dBm or greater sensitivity, the FCC will not save us.  

    Mr Crossfire: On Microwaves and WiFi interference - those tend to be different, they actually don't leak outdoors all that much and the duty cycle is low (as a whole).  Mobile carriers are much worse - they are very high duty cycle (or as they say it, they have a high spectral efficiency) and they are trying to transmit all over to provide coverage.  

    Given the impact Sirius has had with a small footprint, this scares me much more.  This isn't going to impact your apple TV, but will impact long range wireless in 2.4

  • Totinos Pizza Rolls ended the 2.4Ghz party long before the evil conspiring telco.

  • I think this is similar to the LightSquared debacle. If it causes issues with devices already in the market then I doubt the FCC will let it happen.  Unfortunately the GPS issue LightSquared caused is a little higher profile...

  • Admin

    If the 2.3GHz spill over does not meet FCC specs, there can be lawsuits to force the FCC to take action in relation to their own rules and regulations.

    Just a thought.



  • Moderator

    50mhz :)

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