BAE Hawk Formation

So ... not everyone in R/C hates Team BlackSheep - what a surprise! :) Some even allow us to fly with them. Here's how that turns out:

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  • That was a great video!

  • well, not really, he had to slow down incredibly so I could keep up with him, that's why he was flying a little wobbly at times (stalling) :)

  • Distributor

    Looks like your plane is way faster ans more stable than the one you were following!... I was always expecting to see the plane shout out in after burner speed for you to catch... :) 


    Very nice video! 

  • Mathurin, I like Skrillex, but my editing skills can't yet match this fast music :)

  • Although it would have been cool if you played this.

  • Wow, this is inspiring!

  • @trappy: cool :)
  • Greg, yeah, when we fly over the plane it just moves around the edge of the wide angle ... instinctively we track the object. pretty amazing :)

  • Martin, well, to be honest that airfield is right next to an Autobahn. We could easily have distracted one of the drivers and caused a major crash ... :) joking, of course, but since a lot of people are saying that about our city videos ... :)

    thanks for all the compliments guys. great encouragement to keep going!

  • cool my friend!!!!!

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