BAT-SAFE for lipo charging

3689682798?profile=originalBAT-SAFE is a low cost safety device developed by Tom Mast, aircraft design engineer. It's easy to use, and literally put a lid on the dangers of malfunctioning batteries. They just released a Kickstarter campaign. It has the potential to become a standard to people that use lipo batteries and want some piece of mind.

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  • My idea... Add option to attach duct work to vents so I can use this indoors, and if it goes poof, it vents gases through tubes out window.

  • Nice, I do have lipo-fire paranoia lately. I think the more that drone users progress with old lipo batteries from the day they purchased their drones back a few years, the more chance of fires. I've taken to keeping them in a big old ceramic pastry bowl, but a decent product is a good thing so well done.

  • Brilliant product, brilliant price.  This should be mandatory for every battery user!

  • Great

  • The charger holder is attached by magnets only. Can be moved or removed with ease.

  • Only a suggestion, the charger seat, perhaps it's better if it is foldable or removible, don't looks comfortable to transport the box if it isn't.

  • Nice idea, many people in my club are using safety bags, thinking that they are safe for charging :O ; I modified portable money boxes to do the task, I didn't test if they are really safe but looks better than a plastic bag ;).

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