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3689645847?profile=originalFrom the Guardian (via sUAS News):

A new drone-building series called Airheads is due to air on Sunday nights on BBC2 in the key Top Gear slot at 8pm. 

The corporation may be hoping to recapture some of the success of the popular technology show Robot Wars with the launch of the new drone-based series.

While there is no suggestion that it is a replacement for Top Gear – it is scheduled to begin after the hit motoring show was due to finish its run before it was postponed following Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension – Airheads is likely to appeal to the same male audiences as the car show.

Robot Wars ran on BBC2 between 1998 and 2003 before moving to Channel 5 for a single season, and featured teams of amateur and professional ‘roboteers’ constructing their own machines which were then pitted against each other in an arena.

Airheads features three teams of drone enthusiasts who have to build a UAV and compete with each other in a studio and on location.

Only the first challenge – a race – has been revealed.

The programme is being made by Graham Norton’s company So Television and in its application form for contestants it says the series will be “shown on BBC2 Sundays at 8pm” – the slot that Top Gear occupies when it is on air.

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  • Man, I love drones, but will miss Top Gear.

  • Moderator

    The casting call for this one was done here on DIYD! In the English bit ;-)

  • Sad... Top gear was good show. Drone show must be made at same level

  • Rob, I was also contacted through DIY Drones about being on a show that matched this description (but for US market) last summer. I also assumed it went no where, as they didn't follow up as they had planned. Sounded like fun, too bad!

  • They did feature a S800/S900 (IIRC) on their africa special. Though I think some of the "FPV" footage was edited, because it was remarkably hi resolution and glitch free. They've been using the "drone" more and more for production footage ever since.

  • GPS failure, Rob?

  • I was interviewed to be a judge or something on a show sort of like this, but another network, something like a year ago.  I guess that one never went anywhere.

  • Hi Todd,

    Yeah kind of a combination of Motor Week and Monty Python, I'll miss it too.

    I suspect if they were doing the drone show it would set our regulatory possibilities back about a hundred years.

    The FAA would probably react the same way Hitler did to the goose step dance video of his SS troops.



  • I really enjoyed each season that I got to see Clarkson, Hammond and May along with the entire crew at Top Gear pushing the limits of cars and their "antics" among the general public.

    I wonder what they would do with some UAV's in their hands......

    Todd H. 

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