Be careful with LiPos


This fire in my home town is suspected to have been started by a LiPo. (Though that hasn't yet been confirmed by the fire investigation authorities.)

"A neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, says Les is a member of the Nelson Model Aero Club."

Thankfully the occupants are both safe, and fully insured, but boy they were lucky to get out alive. Imagine if this happened at night when they were asleep.

I store my LiPo's in fire proof bags in the house. I'll store them in fire proof bags in the garden shed from now on.



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    The fire is still under investigation, but the investigator believes it was a LiFe battery that started the fire. 


    Another local newspaper reported it as a LiPo or LiIon, so there is obviously some misreporting there.

    The take home message has to be that a Lithium battery was being recharged and it started a fire that completely destroyed the owner's home.

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    I store my batteries in an old fireproof safe which I found in a recycle bin.


    My collected wisdom on battery storage and charging:




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  • mmmm.... LiPos self-oxidize so they'll burn in a sealed environment -right? 

    So the gases created in the reaction *could* cause the amom box to burst. Someone ahould make a YTube video to see what happens and compare it to using an ammo box with a couple of small holes drilled on the lid.

    I like using bricks/masonry. Takes up more space but very good for intense fires. Also, if possible it's always best to keep batteries outside your home, in a shed or even in back of the house under some awning (unless you live in an area of inclement weather) Here are a few samples and some scary stuff too. Sorry if those are "patronizing" -We get too complacent 


    Chimney.... http://www.helifreak.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=336592&stc...


  • Just removed the seal from my ammo box ;)
  • @Aaron yep you are correct. Just read a forum post elsewhere as well as a YouTube of an ammo box exploding compared to a ventilated one that just smoked and burned out leaving surroundings untouched.
  • @erman actually lipos make their own oxygen

  • If the ammo box is air tight that should help starve it of oxygen should it decide to smolder and catch fire, one would hope.

  • I have the fire proof bags, in a big heavy duty metal cabinet with wheels and vent holes so it won't blow and I can move it away from flammable stuff. The cabinet is right next to where I work, and so I also have a fire extinguisher on my desk to keep the fire from spreading. I also am ushally sitting right by them monitoring them while I work on the computer.

    PS, I'm terrified of lipos if you haven't noticed hehehe



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    I also bought two ammo boxes a few years ago, but now I worry that once they are latched shut, they would create one heck of a b0mb.  The amount of smoke and flame generated by a lipo "cooking off" frankly scares me! 

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