Be careful with LiPos


This fire in my home town is suspected to have been started by a LiPo. (Though that hasn't yet been confirmed by the fire investigation authorities.)

"A neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, says Les is a member of the Nelson Model Aero Club."

Thankfully the occupants are both safe, and fully insured, but boy they were lucky to get out alive. Imagine if this happened at night when they were asleep.

I store my LiPo's in fire proof bags in the house. I'll store them in fire proof bags in the garden shed from now on.



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  • I use a converted metal post box. I've noticed metal boxes have become really expensive if you buy them new, so converting something you already have is a cheaper option.

  • I use a common metalic tool box, It's safe?

  • I found a great military ammo box at a garage sale for $5. Filled the bottom with half an inch of sand and keep 2 lipo bags inside the ammo box.
  • Should be no problem finding metal ammo boxes. Have a look at ocal army surplus stores or eBay. Bought my 50 cal box for 20GBP. Rubber waterproof seal, added closed cell foam to the bottom and sides as well as small pieces as dividers between batteries and i use the bags while charging.
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    Yes, metal ammo boxes are the best, but it is getting harder to find metal ones as they seem to be making them out of ABS plastic now.



  • The bags are better than nothing, but I suggest some metal ammo boxes. I store all of my lipo's that way.

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