Beach Cruising!

After arriving in Nome, AK for the summer, I got the HK EPP FPV re-assembled and took it for a spin early in the morning (1:00 AM). With my APM 2.0 tied up with the heli right now, I'm still flying this thing manually (considering getting my hands on another APM). I have, however made a few modifications to the frame to make it more modular (for ease of transportation) and more efficient. I'll be posting those mods soon. For now, enjoy the waves!

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  • Thanks, Samantha :) The daylight during the summer is one of the cool things about living in Alaska. I'm using a plain ol' GoPro Hero 2. I use it both for recording and the live FPV feed. So far it seems to do the trick in both respects.

  • I thought 1am was a typo, far too bright! Great footage, what camera were you using to record?

  • Carl, that is the moon. And this is about as dark as it gets (it will be getting even lighter, if you can believe that - 24 hours of sunlight).

    Thanks for the comments :)

  • Very neat. That constant offshore breeze is great to fly with. When it happens.)

  • The land of the midnight sun is that the moon or Venus on the horizon? With FPV  I don't have to go any were Brazil, South Africa. Australia Grand Canyon  Last night Earl took us into Space now Alaska and all points in between. Is that as dark as it gets ? Good Video

  • No kidding! I was certain it was grounded at that point, but somehow managed to crank it out of there. Made for a good clip though, I suppose.

  • Ouch, that was close at 0:12 :)

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