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  • Luke, the Raspberry Pi wiki states that "there are approximately 16 spare GPIOs, which are brought out to 1.27mm pin-strip." There are also 3.3v I2C, I2S and SPI pins available. I'm sure many things can be done with those.

  • That's why Konstantin is busy with his canBLC: it is using the industrial can bus system, which is a lot more reliable. It's still in development, but I think his quad will fly in the next weeks with it.

    Blog (only german,sorry):

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    I2C is a toy. If you want reliability take a bus designed with industrial strenght in mind.


    I2c has not been designed with reliability and robustness in mind. it is primarily a simple protocol and basic hardware interface without galvanic isolation for interfacing Integrated Circuits on PCBs, not more.


    I would never use that on my frame for ESCs.


  • @basshead

    PWM is unidirectional

    with I2C you can get Informations from thes ESC's like powerconsumption or temperature.

    You're right that I2C can produce some problem, but with a short busrecovery the communication will be reastablished.

    I never had an I2C problem with my MK.

    An other point is I2C and STM32F1xx . I think these guys will never bcome friends ;)

  • I see a lot of talk about I2C esc's and I must say, I think PWM is much better. Take a look at the MK forums, i2c is a delicate interface, there are lots of lockups and having an i2c>pwm converter is pretty much mandatory for any expensive payload, heavy lift systems.

  • Helldesk, that's an excellent project. Though not really the same purpose since there are no universal I/O pins on the Raspberry Pi board.

  • I am also keeping an eye on the Raspberry Pi, a $25 computer based on a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC that could be used for quite a few purposes. It should be on the market next month!

  • Great thing for a reasonable price.

    I wonder what's the power consumption (idle, avg, max) with no IO devices attached?

    What's the exact weight?

    ps: just curious, why not Cortex A9?

  • I think we need to do that, like amazon prime ;) looking forward to that mail
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    Your latest shipment had left 5 hours ago, sure we could come to some sort of postal agreement :)


    Not Looked at the price just yet, the DZ2 stopped it from being stocked in store as I was doing a lot of running about, I will mail you in the morning with some costings.



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