Beast TX - The ultimate UAV Controller

First Previev of BeastTX - The ultimate UAV Controller


Features of the BeastTX:

  • 2x ARM Dual Core Processor
    • Main CPU 1 GHz/ 512MB RAM
    • Slave CPU 700 MHz/ 512MB RAM
  • Debian Linux
  • Open Source Linux for own applications
  • Standard PC desktop
  • integrated 2,4 GHz RC
  • 3 potentiometers, 6 switches
  • compatible to most systems like: Jeti, Graupner, Futaba, FRSky etc.
  • 5,8 GHz analogue video receiver
  • HD video receiver
  • GPS
  • Differential GPS via datalink
  • long lasting battery 23,8 Ah 7,4V
  • capacitive 7"-touchscreen
  • 500 cd/m2 brightness
  • USB/ WLAN/ Bluetooth/ UMTS
  • Datalink to UAV (XBEE/ Wi232/ High Performance WLAN)
  • Speech dispatcher
  • Motionsensor MPU9150
  • Barometer MS5611
  • Realtime-clock
  • integrated network switch for internal devices
  • Router with WLAN
  • sensing of battery voltage, consumption and temperature
  • Battery heater for the cold days of the year
  • No separate display for RC necessary
  • Functions available via GUI
  • Connector to flight simulator, trainer and video
  • Belt holder
  • Compatible to all common autopilots (Beast UAVs, APM, Pixhawk, Multiwii, Paparazzi)


The Groundstation BeastTX will be released in the 4th quarter of 2014.

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  • Perfect thank you Mauricio

  • @Marc Cretten

    I never did, sorry about that. I have been extremely busy these past months. Hopefully I will make myself some time the upcoming month or so.

  • Mauricio Cancino did you ever do a build log for your TX? 

  • @Mauricio Cancino
    Fantastic idea first and neat implementation.
    Hat off.
  • Moderator

    Release 4th Quarter 2014? Really? Q4 2014 finishes in 20 days or so.

  • @Sergio

    You should know werent you the guy hand building a really nice tx a while back ?

  • @Chim:

    Lamborghini does real engineering, your not buy vapourwear like the fashion industry. Theres a big difference between a work of art like a Lambo and your typical consumer car.

    The beast looks hand assembled and a lot of effort must have gone into the software and hardware.

  • Very nice work! This is where the Drone industry is indeed headed, tablet integration. We just need a better price point. I too am eager to hear more about the 'HD' video link...

  • @Mauricio Cancino: very nice build... how do you get video from the 5.8GHz receiver into the windows tablet? do you have any USB video capture device connected to it?

  • @Chim Xotox: In a few words, I just used a turnigy 9x radio, a telemetry module and a normal 5.8ghz video reciever. I designed the case, 3D printed it and put everything inside. I don't have much time now to go into more details, may be in few week I will upload a build log.

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