I would like to share my art and DIY project. Beatfly is a small illuminating blimp, whose light and movement can be controlled via various interfaces such as MIDI controller, iPhone, Flash interface on a web site, computer keyboard, mobile phones and voice, and music. It is based on Arduino and its technical resources are published as open source. Beatfly DIY kit is also available for $65 (You need Arduino FIO, XBees and other electronic parts too).

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  • Hi, it seems good. How can i order one?

  • Thanks, Chris! The kit includes the completely soldered board, motors and propellers, PVC structures and screws, and balloon. Maxbotix ultrasonic sensor can be mounted optionally, and it adds autonomous altitude controls. Check more details on the website! www.beatfly.cc/en/making/
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    That's a great deal on the kit! Can you tell us what's in it exactly? Does it include the ultrasonic sensor, motors, props, etc?
  • Thank you very much!! I am waiting for your order :)
  • It looks very good :) I am tempted to buy one :D Congratulations!
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