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  • Let me finish tests, will open a new thread, with all the data.

    Avoiding to raise a wave of hope without hard facts :)

  • Please link the battery you are talking about (you would like to see converted) 

  • Still 33g arent negligible... even the 14 grams of lateral bumpers are noticeable, one minute less flight... plus lateral drag (wind influence) added, plus lowering CoG, with potential balance change.

    Why did you feel the need for taller landing ?

    I can imagine two other pieces at least desirable: a replacement nose with moulded lens protector, and a battery mount allowing to use third party batteries.

    The later would be even so desirable for a coming battery solution having a non standard format, allowing double the flight time for 20 grams more and $30.

  • Thanks!

  • Hello, you product is very good. I like it.

  • Not much past what I have here. 40-50 grams. The camera is above decent and with the Skycontroller has great distance and performance. There are lots of complaints about this drone but I suspect it's from smart phone users, etc. The digital gimbal is insanely steady which is good for some shots and the flight plan is great only lacking the orbit feature. Without some skill you tend to get a very robotic looking shot. Indoor flight is what I have it for mostly and that needs to be a warehouse environment. It fails in small indoor spaces. 

  • Out of curiosity (not a Bebop owner) what would be the lift ability of the Bebop?
  • The total weight for all four legs is 33 grams. 

  • Posting as a Bebop owner.

    The landing gear is too massive, adds to much to the weight, imo.
    Never felt the need for taller feet, just replaced the hard rubber bumpers with taller and much soft silicone bumpers (gimbal vibration dampers), search on Amazon or google for "Vibration Damping Ball 65g"

    Now I can land on concrete without worry. ;)

    The lens protection is mandatory !
    Don't ask me how I know :(

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