Beeler UAV Part 5 (Death of a UAV)


This is the death of my beloved proto-type! =[

The crash was completly pilot error.. I wanted to test how goo the stabilize was by performing an aerobatic manuver, and turning on the stabilize mid trick..

Sadly while planning to do a loop, I turned off the stabilize mode, and a cross wing picked up the wing... (Alt. 50ft, Velocity 40mph?)... not a great idea.. haha

Great news is almost all of the electronics lived!

I am only out a Ublox GPS, 1800mah lipo, and an airframe...

What I've learned out of this crash:

  1. Im a horrible pilot with out a APM helping me.. haha
  2. I should probly protect my GPS, and battery better just in case...
  3. Never underestamate deprom.. I may be missing a nose, and fusaloge, but the wing, and tail was still in good shape!
  4. Never put anything before God! (I slept in, and missed church...)
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  • thanks for your advice but this lil jet will saddly never fly again =[

    I hope to share my BIG bird very soon with yall, as in real flight!


  • Try a KF2 or a KF3 airfoil on your wing. If you go with the KF3 then you can use a 6x6mm CF square tube as a spar and stiffen the wing. Also with the KF3, you can use CF sheet or Basswood along the center section of the second step to act as a rigid mounting point for your tail booms.
  • In my past design the booms were made of Depron and acted like a long rudder, but my new design is just CF booms, with a inverted V-tail
  • The big problem Im seeing sadly.. is how my wing will support (2) 30" 14mm CF tubes.. My whole wing is depron, so I dont think it can hadle the torqe.. 
  • Nah I am working from a new air-frame watch my dev. video part 4 for my plans, and fusealodge.

    I saw a twin boom pusher on here somewhere?

    and I liked the design so i altered my proto-type design to fit my vision.

  • Uh oh. Are you rebuilding it?

    Also out of curiosity which post on rcgroups did you get the plane design from?

  • Thanks guys, I wasnt even mad/disapointed when I crashed..

    But so far flying RC in stabilze mode is really fun!

    As soon as I crashed my proto-type, I said... hey, lets go get my Cessna! XD

    The only thing I was disapointed about was loseing a Ublox =[

  • I was going to say the same thing....won't be your last!


    I was completely new to RC aircraft when I started up here.  I went through 3 massive crashes before I was able to reliably utilize the AP, and most importantly, land.


  • Sorry to hear about your crash, but it won't be your last. I have crashed several and they were all a learning experience.  Keep at it, don't let one setback stop you.
  • Sad :( Don't get disheartened everyone crashes just a shame it was all custom.
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