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SilverFox commented on Scott Berfield's blog post Adding External LED Indicators and a Piezo Beeper for Arm and GPS Status
"Thanks for sharing. I had an unfortunate event with my quad on Sunday which led to a bloody finger and a desire to add something similar to my code. I want the quad to beep at me when its armed and the motors are not spinning.  That way I know its…"
Nov 14, 2012
SilverFox commented on Russell B. Sutton's blog post Quad Build FastTrack Guide for ArduPiratesNG
"Nice job, very useful!"
Apr 28, 2011
SilverFox commented on diego colonnello's blog post UAV fuselage redesign....
"Your airframe looks great. Mind sharing it's stats? Weight, span, power system, etc. Also, is that spot up front for your camera? Again, good job with the new design."
Apr 20, 2011
SilverFox commented on Thon's blog post Path to an Aerial Photography Drone
"I've always liked Twin Boom pushers! I've built a few from scratch and have always been pleased. The Ursus design is great, I scaled it down and built a 50" version using pictures of the 70". It is one of my favorite planes to fly. If you would like…"
Apr 13, 2011
SilverFox commented on Max Levine's blog post ArduPilot/Copter Mega 6 position 'mode' switch for FlySky/Tunigy 9x/ and others.
"Looks like a nice mod, but the video is set to private."
Mar 30, 2011
SilverFox replied to UVM UAV Design Team's discussion Not getting enough thrust to sustain flight
"I've been scratch building RC planes for a little while, so here are my recommendations.

Don't use a 8" prop with that motor. General rule of thumb; the lower the Kv, the bigger the prop. The higher the Kv, the smaller the prop. With a 890 Kv…"
Mar 30, 2011
SilverFox commented on Dany Thivierge's blog post Turnigy 9X back AGAIN in stock!!
"I ordered a set and a spare receiver.  I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of it."
Mar 25, 2011
SilverFox commented on cholo's blog post ArduIMU v2 rulez!
"Nice! Would you mind sharing your Quad setup? Which software, hardware, etc.  If you have a build log somewhere that would be cool."
Mar 23, 2011
SilverFox commented on Max's blog post Batto - Testing the MAV I built for mapping
"Great work. Which GCS are you using?"
Mar 17, 2011
SilverFox replied to Kirill's discussion ArduPilot Mega Instructional videos for beginners
"Good job Kirill. I have found that one of the best ways to really learn something is to teach others. You can get a basic understanding on something by reading and a better grasp by applying that knowledge. I believe that you get the most out of it…"
Mar 16, 2011
SilverFox commented on Julian's blog post Unmanned Development Team
"Everything looks great!  Congrats on starting the new project.  I really wish I had the chance to do this kind of stuff when I was in school.  Maybe I should look into doing this for one of my local schools.  Could be just as rewarding."
Mar 16, 2011
SilverFox replied to Anthony Bee's discussion looking for a Quad design!
Mar 7, 2011
SilverFox replied to David spencer's discussion DX7 set-up for ArduCopter
"I am using the DX7 with a 6 ch receiver.
I have it setup in Acro mode with no other special setups. Of course you may need to reverse a couple of channels to get everything working correctley, but that goes with any radio.
So far 6 channels is…"
Mar 2, 2011
SilverFox commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post One ESC is not like the others. Why?
"Have you tried to calibrate each ESC seperatley? That is recommended in the Arducopter manual.  Here is the link to that page:
Mar 2, 2011
SilverFox posted a discussion
Greetings, I am in need of some expert advice.  My Quad does not want to level out correctly and I am suspecting that I may have a problem with my hardware. I have tried multiple versions of code. Arducopter RC2, ArduPiratesNG, and ArduCopter…
Feb 28, 2011
SilverFox commented on SilverFox's blog post HobbyKing Quad Frame Hands On
"Everything has been installed and my QUAD took to the air again tonight. .  I think there is room for improvement, but I still recommend this.  The gear is still an issue, it will need reinforcement. Also, the motor mount holes did not match up for…"
Feb 23, 2011