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Best BlimpDuino mod ever. iPad control!

"New York-based BREAKFAST fitted a BlimpDuino with on-board video and wireless control system and took it out for a spin at a party to interact with the crowd. Everybody's favorite controller du jour, an iPad, was employed to orient the dirigible and act as a augmented display medium."

Plus a live onboard video feed and headlights!

[From Makezine]

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  • yeah, the video shows a socket connection to another pc or maybe a local service on port 777. But most likely another PC like that notebook probably doing the xbee commincations and video streaming. An expensive joystick....
  • Actually now that i think of it more, knowing apple restrictions, they probably had to write an app that communicates over wifi to another computer which then is connected to an xbee. I have a feeling the ipad in this instance is nothing more than a 500$ joystick.
  • Looks to me like a usb or serial connection to xbee->xbee on arduino. I have no idea what an ipad has onboard.
  • What program are they using to link the Arduio to the iPad? Anyone know if you can use that program to flash Arduinos?
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