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  • He is very very BRAVE! No title 333 exemption (search for Jeff Gritchen, night flying, crowded sport fields.....

    However the images are great. Thanks for sharing.

  • 100KM

    Here are some pretty impressive photos taken from a drone by our local paper's photographer.    Clicking on the slide show gets the full resolution.

  • NO, cars are completely understandable and safe, and I can work on them with my big monkey wrench, and it's OK that people are killed by them, because they are on the ground, which everyone understands.  But drones have techno-gizmos I don't understand, so are evil and could fall from the sky and scratch me!!  They MUST be stopped.  (must be what is in the minds of the regulators).

    People are NOT generally logical, and work on impulses alone.  Even people here.  As you mention, people accept a HUGE risk every day they step in a car or near a road, but they've experienced that risk their entire lives.  Introduce a new tiny unlikely risk, and they freak out and try to stop it.  What difference would it make to the world if one skier was cut by a drone??  Absolutely NONE!  What difference does it make to the world that there was a multi-car pile-up and multiple deaths on the highway last night because of snow... Really, none...  Lets get over the health and safety mentality and let people live and die!

  • Funny,  the most dangerous thing all those pilots did by far, like an order of magnitude more dangerous to the public was drive in a car to the location the took of from.

  • Perhaps they don't want to incriminate themselves?? Same with the "Drone Film Festivals" There are multiple shots in the sizzle reels that would put you in hot water here in the U.S. Hard to win a competition not pushing the envelope and with only "B" roll stuff. Going to get worse here before it gets better as we have the "B" team working advocacy. :-(
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