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  • haven't seen much mention of running on linux.  The latest version posted for download does indeed work on linux, as Michael mentioned it should.


    at least for Ubuntu 10.10:

    -unzip it, put it where you want  

    -use mono to launch it,   $ mono ArdupilotMegaPlanner.exe

    -you might need to install nant,    $ sudo apt-get install nant
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    Hey michael, in the latest version of your ardusim which is included in ardumega planner, are you removed the google earth and instrument features? or maybe it just didnt shown up on my computer?


    I already succed simulate the ardumega with xplane for several times, but i didnt get enough data to review the flight data for further analysis.


  • Michael
    FYI, I found a small issue in the GPS_IMU library... happend to notice that in arduino-0018 the include statement wasnt highlighting the word GPS_IMU... I was looking at the keywords.txt file in the library, and you have it set to ublox... line 2 should be as follows


    Any chance we can get it added to the library svn, I'm using that alot and keep forgetting to unzip till it errors out... eh? wink wink nudge nudge :)
  • Developer
    Hi Darren,
    all the librarys you can get here

    as for it not working, i will need to investergate. i dont hav an oilpan atm, so its hard to test.
  • Michael, doesnt seem to be working in current version on the svn. is there a new gps_imu since the july file i have?

    I get manual control and throttle does respond in auto modes, but no attitude control.

    also can you add gps_imu to the svn libraries?
  • Has anyone tried to simulate the attitude estimation (with HW or even off-line) with the sensors from X-Plane?

    I'm working out it, but the results are terrible, specially with the accelerometers (GLoad in X-Plane), e.g I've noted that Ay is really -Ay (XPlane is using for GLoad Left Wing instead Right Wing), even correcting the centrifugal effects, the determination of the attitude angles are very horrible, even with an EKF.

    If somebody has tried something like this, do I missing something? I mean, from the X-Plane data, GLoad is really accelerometers?

    It is really a mystery for me, because with real telemetry from my real plane, the algorithm works perfect u_U
    I found it. Sry for disturb.
  • @Michael,
    about Ardupilot2Xplanes source. Let me link to SVN plz. I cant find it. (
  • Developer

    Heres a Screenshot of my current work on my Ardupilot Mega mission planner. Very alpha stage at this point.
    If you want a look get it here
  • Developer
    Hi Recmaster,

    The source is in the SVN

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