BetaFPV Pavo35 6S Cinewhoop Review

The BetaFPV Pavo35 represents the pinnacle of the Pavo cinewhoop lineup, bringing to the table a blend of power and versatility that distinguishes it in the crowded FPV drone market. Engineered with a solid build and larger propellers, this drone is tailored for more challenging cinematography requirements. I have also used other fpv motor. What kv motor would you like? 22000KV brushless motor or 1800kv brushless motor? You can see the drone motor size chart here. 

Beyond a Mere Size Upgrade: Pavo35 vs. Pavo25 V2

At first glance, the Pavo35 may seem like a scaled-up version of the Pavo25 V2, sharing many hardware similarities. However, it's designed to cater to distinct flight styles and requirements. The primary distinctions lie in the frame, propeller, and motor sizes, with the battery connector's positioning also differing; the Pavo35 sports an XT60 connector at the front, while the Pavo25 V2 features an XT30 at the rear.

Specifications Breakdown

PAVO25 v2: The Nimble 4S Contender

  • Wheelbase: 112mm
  • Motors: 1505 4600kv
  • Weight: 153g (excluding FPV battery)
  • Flight Time: Approximately 6-8 minutes
  • Camera Compatibility: Supports lighter action cameras such as the Naked GoPro series, Insta360 Go 2/3, Caddx Peanut, and Runcam Thumb Pro.

PAVO35: A Powerhouse of Versatility

  • Wheelbase: 148mm
  • Motors: 2006 2400kv
  • Weight: 238g (dry)
  • Flight Duration: 10-12 minutes
  • Camera Compatibility: Accommodates full-size action cameras, including the GoPro Hero 12.

Shared Traits Across Both Models

  • An F722 35A AIO V2 flight controller.
  • COB LED light strips for visibility and aesthetics.
  • Choice of ExpressLRS or TBS receivers.
  • High thrust-to-weight ratios for dynamic flight.
  • Y-shaped CNC metal support enhancing structural integrity.

Craftsmanship and Construction

The Pavo35, weighing in at around 274g with an ELRS receiver and DJI O3, showcases a lighter frame than its counterpart, the GepRC Cinelog35. It boasts a sleeker battery strap and a more discreet antenna setup. Despite its durability, highlighted by a 3mm top plate and substantial prop guards, the placement of the XT60 connector raises concerns due to its vulnerability to shorts from environmental debris.

Key Components and Performance

Utilizing the same FC/ESC board as the Pavo25 V2, the Pavo35 is equipped with an F722 35A AIO V2 flight controller. This setup is complemented by 2006 2400KV motors and Gemfan D90S three-blade propellers, striking a balance between power and weight for agile flying and the capacity to carry heavier cameras.

One critique pertains to the battery mounting system. The fixed strap position, combined with a front-heavy camera setup, can adversely affect performance by making the drone front-heavy.

DJI O3 Installation Process

Integrating the DJI O3 Air Unit is straightforward, thanks to a plug-and-play connection. However, accessing the micro SD card and USB-C port can be challenging due to the air duct design.

The Flying Experience

Recommended with 6S 1100 to 1500mAh batteries, the Pavo35 promises exhilarating high-speed flights. Yet, its real-world efficiency and flight duration fall slightly short of expectations, especially when compared to competitors like the Speedybee Bee35. Nonetheless, its prowess in both indoor and outdoor settings is noteworthy, particularly for capturing dynamic outdoor activities.

Setup and Configuration

Accessing the micro USB connector for setup might require finesse due to its concealed placement. BetaFPV has pre-configured many settings, leaving minimal adjustments needed for personalization.

Concluding Thoughts

The BetaFPV PAVO35 emerges as a formidable 6S cinewhoop, adept at supporting full-sized GoPro cameras while delivering remarkable speed and agility. Though it might seem as a straightforward enlargement of the Pavo25 V2, its flight performance speaks volumes. Despite some design and configuration quirks, it stands as a competitive option for those seeking a versatile and dynamic cinewhoop. Additionally, I  have aldo uesd meps 1404, 2408 Brushless Motor. I think they are also a great idae to fly fpv. 

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