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Jenny posted a blog post
OverviewA Video Transmitter (VTX) stands as the backbone of the First-Person View (FPV) setup, enabling the seamless transmission of video from the drone's camera to the pilot's goggles. This guide focuses on the essentials for selecting a 5.8GHz…
Mar 19
Jenny posted a blog post
Introduction to DarwinFPV BabyApe IIStepping into the spotlight of the 3.5-inch FPV drone segment is the DarwinFPV BabyApe II, a marvel of engineering for freestyle flying aficionados. This sub-250g drone, even when equipped with a battery, adeptly…
Mar 18
Jenny posted a blog post
Struggling with a non-responsive ExpressLRS receiver after a failed firmware upgrade? Or maybe you're stuck because FC Passthrough or WiFi flashing isn't an option no matter what motors you eqquipped with such as 4600KV burshless motor, meps…
Mar 17
Jenny posted a blog post
When an FPV drone's motor halts abruptly, causing the drone to crash, it's often a sign of ESC Desynchronization. This guide explores the causes and provides strategies for correcting ESC desyncs through adjustments in BLHeli and Betaflight…
Mar 5
Jenny posted a blog post
The march towards adopting higher battery cell counts in the FPV drone industry reflects a relentless drive for superior flight performance and enhanced efficiency. This analysis delves into the growing inclination towards 8S battery setups,…
Mar 4
Jenny posted a blog post
Venturing into the dynamic realm of First-Person View (FPV) drone racing promises an unparalleled experience. This detailed primer aims to navigate novices through the thrilling domain of FPV drone flying, covering all necessary aspects to embark on…
Feb 29
Jenny posted a blog post
In instances where traditional firmware update methods like Betaflight Passthrough or Wi-Fi encounter disruptions, leading to receivers being rendered inoperative with their bootloaders damaged, the utility of an FTDI programmer for UART flashing…
Feb 28
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Nov 6, 2023