Introduction to DarwinFPV BabyApe II

Stepping into the spotlight of the 3.5-inch FPV drone segment is the DarwinFPV BabyApe II, a marvel of engineering for freestyle flying aficionados. This sub-250g drone, even when equipped with a battery, adeptly navigates the complexities of flight regulations. It marks a significant evolution from its predecessor, the Baby Ape, and is tailored for both 4S and 6S setups in analog and digital variants, positioning it as a versatile and budget-friendly choice for a broad spectrum of FPV enthusiasts.


Distinctive Features

Streamlined Flying Experience

Its reduced footprint, in comparison to the conventional 5-inch drones, ensures it remains under the radar, making it ideal for navigating cramped areas.

Unmatched Affordability

At a starting price of under $140 for the base model, the BabyApe II delivers exceptional value, continuing the tradition set by its forerunner.

Enhanced Thrust

By upgrading from the usual 1404 to 1504 motors, the BabyApe II sees a notable improvement in thrust and agility.

Pilot-Centric Design

Featuring a user-friendly battery attachment point, along with the integration of a buzzer and LED lighting, the BabyApe II is built with the flyer's convenience in mind, especially novices.

Flexible Configurations

Catering to a wide range of preferences, the BabyApe II supports both analog and digital systems, including DJI's digital platform.

6S Compatibility

The capability to support 6S batteries places the BabyApe II in a unique position within its category, offering enhanced power for those in pursuit of superior performance.

Key Specifications

  • Wheelbase: 156mm
  • Flight Controller: F411 MPU6500 AT7456E
  • ESC: Bluejay 48KHz 3-6S 30A
  • Camera Options: Analog (DarwinFPV “Cement” waterproof) or Digital (RUNCAM LINK + Wasp Camera)
  • Motors: 1504-3600KV (4S) or 1504-2300KV (6S)
  • Propellers: HQProp T3.5x2x3GR-PC
  • Battery Recommendations: 4S 650mAh-850mAh or 6S 500mAh-650mAh
  • Dimensions: 126mm x 150mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 141g (6S analog variant without battery)

Comprehensive Performance Review

Construction and Aesthetics

The BabyApe II might not flaunt the most premium components at its price range, yet it impresses with its structural and aesthetic design, including a waterproof camera and a durable 30A ESC that can handle up to 6S batteries.

Flight Dynamics

The BabyApe II exceeds anticipations in flight performance, showcasing exceptional agility and potency. Its ability to remain stable and responsive, even in breezy conditions, is particularly commendable.

Imaging and Video Capabilities

The onboard camera performs sufficiently for piloting needs, though it has its drawbacks, such as a limited field of view and mediocre image quality in brightly lit environments.

Resilience Upon Impact

Subjected to numerous crash tests, the BabyApe II demonstrated outstanding durability, underscoring its appeal to pilots keen on exploring the limits of their drones.

Overall Evaluation

Despite minor drawbacks like an unconventional VTX and suboptimal FPV camera field of view, the DarwinFPV BabyApe II distinguishes itself through stellar performance at an attractive price point. This drone emerges as an exemplary option for both newcomers and those mindful of their budget, laying down a solid foundation for future enhancements and customization. Additionally, I also have used 1804 Brushless Motor11000KV brushless motor and meps fpv. Which one you prefer?

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