Big Site-Wide Changes are Coming!


We are in the process of making some significant changes to our site layout and content to improve the overall ease-of-use experience here at DIY Drones.

As part of that effort, we wanted to put out the first section of the site that is ready for community-wide peer review.  You can see the updates at:

We need to add the footer, and a few other small things, but we want your input!

Please take a look through the site and the wiki, and submit your feedback to:

We'll do our best to keep up with the comments here, but using the address above will definitely get noticed.

Thank you!

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  • Mybe to open a window for coments and sugestions on botom of every page,wich you can remove latter..

  • Great...big things first,small design changes latter..this is gamechanger :-)

  • But now that I Know it's there, I'll be using it for sure.
  • I didn't even think to look. Everything is available through dropdown menu.
  • It needs to be easier to find, though!

  • Joshua,
    Works perfectly, and let me guess, it's been there the whole time, right?

    Thanks again,

  • Thanks mike,

    This page is to the left of the Outline page, how does is it work on your mobile?


  • Yes.
    Nav. buttons in lower right corner are working fine. But only allow one page at a time. If I want to get to the 'Tuning' section, there are quite a few pages to navigate through.
    As I mentioned, my phone's pen allows me to hover over the screen, as you suggested, solving the issue for me. I'll check functionality on other mobiles when I get home.

  • Quinn,

    I'm not familiar with "USR", I tried searching a bit and didn't find anything.

    +1 on your sentiments about a clear path to first flight, that's everyones goal for sure!


    If you click on the "Wiki" tab, does it take you to the User Manual outline page? From there, are you able to use the navigation buttons in the lower right?

  • Joshua,
    Thanks for the reply. I was able to hover using the S pen, which will work for me. However most mobile devices don't have that option.

    Thanks for everything,

This reply was deleted.