Birth of a drone

When Iris met Hubsan, i didn't know such a miracle could happen!


He arrived yesterday and is still very underweight... But i must admit, he is very cute and flies like an hummingbird. I could not resist to share my happiness with the community. 

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  • Congrats!! a sister was born here :)


  • Who's the father?
  • Wow congratulations!

    How did the pregnancy affect flight times? Did you have any fly away's in the first term?
  • In vitro

  • MR60

    How did the procreation act occur ? :)

  • Look like a X-Wing in the Death Star lol.

    Nice shot little Padawan :)

  • Very Batteries not Included like :) So cute!

  • LOL. Someone reading this may suggest a smaller one to fit under the Hubsan.

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