A few weeks ago Hobbyking revealed in a picture on their facebook that a new version of the Bixler was supposed to be coming. Today they listed it an ARF version on their site.

While keeping the features of the first Bixler (the plane is named after one of the Flitetest presenters) Hobbyking has managed to improve flight times by giving it a bigger wing area (wingspan of Bixler 1 was 1400mm, version 2 has a wingspan of 1500mm) and other design improvements. The Bixler 2 in ARF form comes with a lower kV motor that can handle bigger props (7x5 for this version, was 6x4 for the 'old' Bixler. By enlarging the canopy area you are more versatile in the FPV equipment you want to use or use a larger flight battery. Also, the canopy is clear plastic now (was black foam).

Flaps are optional. Although the plane comes with a provision to add flaps, you don't need to use them. If you still want to use them, then you need 2 9 gram servo's and a servo reverser to your cart.

The price for the Bixler 2 ARF is US$ 69.99 while you can still get the old Bixler in ARF form for US$ 49.82. It's unclear what that price difference is coming from, maybe they want to sell out the previous Bixler.

For more information and specifications see:

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  • After some tests today :

     - 2 x 1.3A 3S = 25 minutes (but I think it remain enough battery for 3 more minutes). No effort to save power, making stunt, going very fast.

     - Has gimbal + fatshark transmitter, go very well surprising

    More power to the motor should be appreciated but I didn't find a way to remove it without destroying.

    It take 5 weeks before testing it correctly, god of weather hate me.

  • It's OK, I thaught of that and double check the prop orientation.

    Anywa I ordered a New motor, prop and prop adapter, so I will make the modification one step ata time and be able to idenfy the weakest item...

  • T3

    the bad prop adapter costed me a lot vibrations and at least 1a . But from your description this should not be the underpower reason. I can easily lift my gopro, a 3A battery, APM and the huge rfd900. Sorry for asking, your prop has the letters looking front? Some times, Hk props doesnt have obviews sides.
    i hope its just that and you will not have to buy or fix anything.

  • Yes the prop adapter is not drilled straight !! But I don't think this cause the lack of thrust.

    You are wright, I just tried to set the motor mount upsidedown and the prop touch the fuselage. So I think I will have ti play with the CG to improve the behavior...

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  • Just tested mine, nice but It seems underpowered if you have little payload (2x 1.3a lipo).
  • T3

    Hi Silvain, 

    Down & Right (up & left for pushers) thrust are crusial to counter the torque steering, as i can see from the pic, the alignment is perfect (were red line meets the green), the center of the motor mount must be the same with the props center, NOT the motors center.  

    Generaly, Bix 2 behaves "strange" with gaining altitude very easy, it has larger wing span but relevantly the same distance betwen main wing and horizontal stabilizer with BIX 1. Just apply 5% flaps and you will understand what i mean.

    You should play a little bit more with trims for the manual flights, because autopilot will take care the Alt hold.  

    On the other hand if you mess with the alignment and R&D thrust you will introduce roll and yaw issues.

    my motor has 0,5 deggres right thrust and 20 d down thrust from the wings chord!

    Oh! did you have the unbalanced prop adapter problem too?

  • The flight caracteristic are not that good, it goes up when I add some throttle ... :(

  • T3

    It's normal to have a little bit of offset and you have to have that. If it was straight on, the torque from the motor would really mess up the flying characteristics. Leave it as is.

  • bixler2motormount.jpg

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