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  • Yep I've been a big fan of blackmagic for years. This is excellent news.

  • Very good product. Support both S.BUS and Servo input with a lot of feathures in one single box. 

  • Developer

    TV and film production companies are going to eat this up. This is basically a gopro replacement with the features professionals have been asking for like proper lenses, high quality sensor and recording.

  • I think some of the big points for us are:
    Global Shutter
    RC control - including lens functions
    Compact package
    Interchangeable lenses - not a GoPro or DJI style camera
    Expansion interface which the controller can interact with, and they will publish the specifications.

    Speculation on my part is it looks like it could be balanced aerodynamically as well the weight distribution. 

    When it comes to data rate, I don't think this will knock out Reds for film production. Most people are using drones for video that will be hosted on the web so I don't think this is too much of an issue.

  • what do you think about the 65mbps vs 200mbps of a pocket?

  • Wow,

    At $1000.00 for 1080 and $1300.00 for 4K Black Magic has just kicked the high end bar up a lot higher.

    As far as I'm concerned this is better news than the Solo.

    Actually puts Pro cinematography in the reach of ordinary people.

    I know you still need a lens, (and other stuff) but the Pro arena just got a lot more reasonable to play around in.

    There are lots of 3rd party makers of all of the stuff you need, a lot of it quite reasonable.

  • @renaud barbier blackmagick micro 4K doesn't record video itself - it just output 6D SDI, so you must buy additional recorder. Blackmagic micro (HD) writes video on sd card, but it doesn't handle 4K... what a pitty! If blackmagic micro 4K will working with sd cards and cost less then $2000, it would be lumix GH4 killer! ;)

  • and if HD is not enough....

    blackmagic micro 4K

    I have few concerns:

    the mico has 65Mbps vs 200Mbps for pocket....

    the micro cinema specs shows global shutter and 65Mbps while the mico studio 4K specs does not talk about global shutter and specs does not even mention any bitrate!

    Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K | Blackmagic Design
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    More to come at NAB I think

  • very cool

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