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  • Can anyone recommend a 4/3 Remote control Zoom lens that doesn't weight 5 pounds?

  • looks good to

  • Thank you Mike.  It's a beauty!

  • @Rick - its an Altura (

  • This looks so cool.

    We need to make a hulled gimbal for it.

  • A couple of questions for anyone who might know or want to venture a guess:

    1.  I read this camera takes 4/3 lenses although the format is different.  Any rough idea on lens equivalents to full frame?  I know I can double the focal length of my Panasonic 4/3 lenses to get a rough FF equivalent.

    2.  Is that a real hexacopter in the photo or just a rendering?  If real, what is the make?


  • Agreed, however 13 stops isn't as much as you may think. You need something more like the Red Dragon's 20 stops. Besides you will require grading the shots in DaVinci or Adobe Raw. It isn't plug in play. I know first hand.

  • Developer

    Raw video and global shutter is of course very, very nice to have. But the game changer for our usage will be the 13 stop dynamic range. No more having to choose between crushed blacks or blowing out the sky.

  • lets wait for some raw footage samples! hope it comes soon!

  • Renaud: Their website says 1080p ProResHQ is 18.4MB/s (big M & B). So the BMPCC 220mbps ~ 27MB/s

    They are always changing the compressing settings, so it probably isn't a bad thing. 65MB/s for compressed raw is probably amazing. I use the BMCC EF compressed raw, which is stellar.

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