Blended wing design


This is our prototype for a 2m blended wing design. It's built with Depron and carbon spars. The KF airfoil and the angular surfaces are not the best aerodynamic solution, but it's sufficient to study the flight characteristics. We will use it to get a grip on the flight control algorithms. When everything is working, we will create smooth optimized version. Check out the big cargo bay in the center. The propeller will be in the back followed by an elevator.

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  • We used this German program for the CG calculation:

  • Yes the ailerons and the elevator are missing. The powerplant will be a 3542 outrunner on 3S with a 40 amp ESC. Let's see if that's enough.

  • So I guess you'll have to link elevator deflection to throttle setting...
  • My son has an inflatable kite we bought recently, and flew today for the first time. Its shape is very similar to this, with the support structure being provided by inflated bladders. Watching it fly today really got me thinking about building a flying wing design, but they seem very complex. Cheers on your design and good luck in the future!

  • Finding the CG is always an issue with wings.  Once you've found it, they can fly really well!

  • I think your biggest issue will be making sure the CG is correct the first time you fly it. What's the power plant?

  • Reminds me of a stealth bomber. I like the boxy look actually.

  • We'll provide a CAD file, give us some time :)

  • No CAD yet. We have designed it on paper.

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