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  • pfft, who needs child labor laws!
  • Very cool, Chris, I think I'll have a similar line going at my house in a few days for the Arduino shield kits Tod Kurt, Brian Jepson and I are making for the Faire. My three year old may not be the best helper, however... Also, is that going to be enough strawberries for 200 kits?
  • Developer
    Hey your production line is better than mine!
  • That's great. I used to be able to get my kids to help build robots, but it's been quite a while since I could motivate them with just strawberries and soft drinks.
  • Chris - This is a great photo! It reminds me of how my sisters and brothers and I would make colorcards for my Dad's felt business in the '60-70s. I hope they kids got more than $0.10 per unit like I did!

    Good Choice with the tilted fence - It will give the drone lab a Batcave-esque quality. I say keep it!
  • LOL! Awesome. It somehow means more having been made by some enthusiastic kids rather than a normal boring production line made by people who couldn't care less!
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