Bluetooth Telemetry Bridge Now on Kickstarter


Thanks to everyone for your feedback and suggestions on our last post about this project. We've decided to go ahead and have just launched a Kickstarter project for it today!3689561542?profile=original

We will offer both a 433 and 915MHz version of the Bluetooth Bridge, each is compatible with its counterpart 3DR Radio. The 915MHz version is also compatible with RFD900 radios. Range when paired with a 3DR radio is approximately 1km, when paired with an RFD900 the range will be approximately 4km. The Bluetooth Bridge has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. The unit comes with an internal, rechargeable battery so you won't need to find an extra LiPo with the 'right' kind of connector. Charging is as simple as plugging the unit in to a PC or laptop with a Micro-USB cable. The unit also lets you know the status of the battery with a green, yellow or red LED.


The Kickstarter page is live now and is currently the only place to make an order. Once the Kickstarter is complete, we'll begin accepting orders through our web store. The price will be $139 which includes the Bluetooth Bridge module in a durable enclosure and an internal, rechargeable battery. You'll still need your old air side radio module, but if you don't have one we'll also be selling compatible packs for $189.

Check out more details on the Kickstarter page and leave us your comments/questions below!

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  • T3

    Not all tablets and phones have USB OTG support. That's why you want a Bluetooth bridge. Also, it makes it easier for ground station setup and placement too.

  • uhmm ok but what's the point of a BT bridge ?? Can't you just plug it directly into the USB port ??

  • Well done, Jeff.

  • Developer


    Just how much run-time does the board has.

  • @Jeff No wifi or browser was involved in the bridge we worked on (perhaps that was something else at 3DR?). The bridge prototype we built was a bluetooth to XBee bridge.

  • Thanks Arthur! What kind of specs did you want to see?

    @Sam Thanks for the pledge! :)

    @Mario - we'll have to send out a survey for folks who backed the early award, we'll follow up with an email if you don't see the survey, no worries.

    I do recall Scott and Bart's project from 2011 and I was involved - I believe we got hung up on trying to use Wifi to get the GCS to appear in a browser. That ended up being quite challenging, technically, for the limited resources at our disposal at the time. Brings back memories!

  • @Arthur

    Scott Plunkett actually had a near ready product back in 2011 (developed separately and in parallel to the little box I made). We actually collaborated at the time with 3DR staff, with Scott providing his electrical layouts (August 2011, I have a prototype), although they cancelled it in favour of something else (not sure of details). Basically it had the same functions, but with an XBee. 

    On a side note; while I was forced to stop the Copter-GCS effort due to work (no personal time for mote than a year, and no copter flying at all, couldn't really help it), I do keep seeing the HUD, ripped from that project, every time I see promotional materials from a commercial company (which I realize, of course, is simply using public software, both GCS and APM, to sell product). I made it open source and all that of course. And the new Ardu GCSs have built on it of course (kudos), but all the same.

    The bridge looks nice though.

    PS. I just realized that Jeff Taylor was also on that effort in 2011,.... 

  • Backed !!

  • Hey Guys !  Good work !

    Please tel me where to specify the frequency I want. I did not see any field for that in the process.

  • Developer

    I backed the $3, since I already have the DIY version I did for developing the Bluetooth functionality on DP. But I think Bart is the guy how deserves the honor, since he did all that we are doing at 2011 (as Hugues pointed).

    @Jeff: Looks like a nice PCB/case. I just failed to see any specs on the autonomy of the system on Kickstarter.

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