BoxBotix Update

A short video on the basic concepts of the BoxBotix designs.   We are making some good progress and should have BBCopter, BBRover and BBPlane 3D files ready for release in the next month.  Minimum Viable Product (for you Lean Startup Fans) is a different beast with hardware, since we can't easily roll out bug fixes to a built product like you can with code.  So, while BBots may not be feature complete at v1.0, they need to be solid designs.

We have spent the last few weeks tweaking our 3D print settings to find a good combo of strength to weight.  Printing in ABS and getting some pretty strong parts.  Still heavier than what we can build in EPP foam, but there are also a lot more built in features to the parts.  Still need to do more testing with these versions before we can provide any solid data.  Leaning towards using the CERN Open Hardware License once we release the files.



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  • Maiden Flight.  We still need to calibrate the power modules to get good amp readings, but expecting 15-20 minutes with a good power setup.  Running 14in props on KDE3510XK-475's with a 4S for this flight.  Should be running on 6s once we get the gimbal mounted.

  • @UAS_Pilot.  Thanks much!  We are getting pretty excited about getting this project to v1.0. 

  • Looks really great.. Looking forward to the release

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