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  • Hi F5PQL ! Can you pls share seller's link at ebay for TDB02-3.2S screen + shield + arduino  Mega 2560 ?

  • Hi jesse,

    Alas, I've not modified your base, I've just add a compatibility for bluetooth + 3dr Telemetry 433Mhz, it's works on same time or just used bridge for my tablet :)  I start up a support bringing together all the elements around the radio control.

    Rana :  it's a ITDB02-3.2S screen + shield + arduino  Mega 2560 and order in Ebay

    Hugues : It is virtually everything that can make a laptop. but it is much lighter, and it just carries the bag with radio control. So I in a minimum of space, all that I need for FPV, or waypoints missions. or for the adjustment of PID

  • Great work ! what is the part number of the touch screen you are using or any link to the website from where you have purchased ?

  • Nice Work...

  • MR60

    And also a list of materials? Where did u get this color screen?

  • MR60

    Seems interesting, can you give details about what it is doing and how?

  • I'd love to see more photos of how you have put that together!

    Sorry I haven't done much with the software lately; has anyone clone the repository and expanded on what's already there?

  • Admin

    Nice  work.  now a nice case for this will complete the worx:)

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